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Change the color of a room's walls, floor, or ceiling, and the mood changes dramatically. Color can soothe or energize; make a space seem larger or more intimate; and transform ambiance -- all for a fraction of what other renovations cost. Experienced designers know what effect a change in color will have, but for most of us, repainting is something of a gamble. No longer. With The Color Book in hand, anyone can instandy see what a living room will look like with taupe walls, maple floors, and a sage ceiling, for example. More an essential design and decor tool than a book, this innovative guide takes eighty pages and divides them into three sections -- floor, walls, and ceiling -- that can be flipped separately to instantly mix-and-match a vast array of colors. Covering the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen, The Color Book visually demonstrates more than eleven thousand different color combinations offering near endless inspiration and real help in selecting the perfect color scheme. The accompanying text is an accessible guide to choosing and mixing colors, while an international color key and directory offer additional resources. A unique new way to encourage experimentation and stir the creative senses, this innovative mix-and-match method allows amateur decorators and professionals alike to discover the best colors for every room before they ever walk into a paint store.

Title: Color Book


ISBN Number: 0811818721

ISBN-13: 9780811818728

Location Published: N/A: September 1997

Binding: Trade Paperback

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