Blues Alley by Count Basie (2001-05-20)

By: Count Basie

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Tracklist Full Mix (Dolby 5.1 & PCM Stereo) Welcomm(In) 3:48 DVD-Audio1A –Ø Medusa DVD-Audio1B –Plastikman DRP DVD-Audio1C –Sleeparchive Track 3 DVD-Audio1D –Stefan Goldmann Turret TZ Entry Point 2:46 DVD-Audio2A –False Tanning Booths DVD-Audio2B –Ø Atomitv DVD-Audio2C –Sleeparchive Track 3 DVD-Audio2D –Stefan Goldmann Turret DVD-Audio2E –Ultrakurt Camadada Adding And 1:07 DVD-Audio3A –Canson Rarefied DVD-Audio3B –Ø Atomitv DVD-Audio3C –Ricardo Villalobos A5 DVD-Audio3D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 DVD-Audio3E –Ultrakurt Camadada Subtracting 2:00 DVD-Audio4A –Concept 1 96 - 03:06 DVD-Audio4B –Marc Houle Blister DVD-Audio4C –Ø Atomitv DVD-Audio4D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 DVD-Audio4E –Ricardo Villalobos A5 DVD-Audio4F –Philus Ionit DVD-Audio4G –Ultrakurt Camadada Prebuild 1:45 DVD-Audio5A –Concept 1 96 - 03:06 DVD-Audio5B –Vegetable Orchestra Ciboulette (Luciano Remix) DVD-Audio5C –Philus Ionit DVD-Audio5D –Stewart Walker Lakewalking Seiltänzer 3:00 DVD-Audio6A –Baby Ford & Eon Dead Eye DVD-Audio6B –Ricardo Villalobos Ventolat #02 DVD-Audio6C –Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme Change Is Natural DVD-Audio6D –Stephan Laubner Portside Waves DVD-Audio6E –Stewart Walker Drive DVD-Audio6F –Stewart Walker Lakewalking Visioning 6:52 DVD-Audio7A –Compass Messinger DVD-Audio7B –Marc Houle Blister DVD-Audio7C –Matt John Stracciafella Logic DVD-Audio7D –Ø Medusa DVD-Audio7E –Pan Sonic Liuos DVD-Audio7F –Ricardo Villalobos Ventolat #02 DVD-Audio7G –Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme Change Is Natural DVD-Audio7H –Roman Flügel Pattern 14 DVD-Audio7I –Stephan Laubner Portside Waves DVD-Audio7J –Stewart Walker Lakewalking We(All)Search 2:45 DVD-Audio8A –Akiko* Like Ancient DVD-Audio8B –Carl Craig Experimento DVD-Audio8C –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio8D –Ø Medusa DVD-Audio8E –Plastikman Koule DVD-Audio8F –Roman Flügel Pattern 14 DVD-Audio8G –Sleeparchive Research DVD-Audio8H –Sleeparchive Track 2 DVD-Audio8I –Someone Else + Miskate Butterplug Jupiter Lander 0:30 DVD-Audio9A –Akiko* Like Ancient DVD-Audio9B –Carl Craig Experimento DVD-Audio9C –Ø Erit-Samat DVD-Audio9D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 DVD-Audio9E –Sleeparchive Track 2 Reduction And 3:00 DVD-Audio10A –Akiko* Like Ancient DVD-Audio10B –K. Alexi Shelby* My Medusa DVD-Audio10C –Marc Houle Rancor Keeper DVD-Audio10D –Ø Medusa DVD-Audio10E –Villalobos* Y.G.H. DVD-Audio10F –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 DVD-Audio10G –Ricardo Villalobos A4 Seduction 1:22 DVD-Audio11A –Akiko* Like Ancient DVD-Audio11B –Concept 1 96 - 02:04 DVD-Audio11C –DBX Baby Judy DVD-Audio11D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 DVD-Audio11E –Ricardo Villalobos A4 Minimal Master 4:00 DVD-Audio12A –Akiko* Like Ancient DVD-Audio12B –Concept 1 96 - 02:04 DVD-Audio12C –Ricardo Villalobos A4 DVD-Audio12D –Robert Hood Home DVD-Audio12E –The Kooky Scientist Organ Donor All 4 Du*** 3:00 DVD-Audio13A –Akiko* Like Ancient DVD-Audio13B –Concept 1 96 - 02:04 DVD-Audio13C –K. Alexi Shelby* All For Lee-Sah DVD-Audio13D –I.A. Bericochea* Uno DVD-Audio13E –Niederflur Sprinkler DVD-Audio13F –Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider Styleways DVD-Audio13G –The Kooky Scientist Organ Donor Tonarzt 5:01 DVD-Audio14A –Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber DVD-Audio14B –Jay Haze Groove (Losoul Remix) DVD-Audio14C –Mono Junk Input 2 DVD-Audio14D –I.A. Bericochea* Uno DVD-Audio14E –Niederflur Sprinkler DVD-Audio14F –Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider Styleways The Tunnel 8:26 DVD-Audio15A –Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber DVD-Audio15B –F.U.S.E. FU DVD-Audio15C –Galoppierende Zuversicht Linguini Al Denta DVD-Audio15D –Ø Rontgen DVD-Audio15E –Richie Hawtin SixFourSeven DVD-Audio15F –Richie Hawtin The Floyds DVD-Audio15G –Sleeparchive Elephant Island Minimission 5:14 DVD-Audio16A –Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber DVD-Audio16B –False River Camping DVD-Audio16C –Galoppierende Zuversicht Linguini Al Denta DVD-Audio16D –Heartthrob Golum DVD-Audio16E –Plastikman Hypokondriak DVD-Audio16F –Ricardo Villalobos A5 DVD-Audio16G –Richie Hawtin Atmosphere 4 (Post WMC Conversation) DVD-Audio16H –Richie Hawtin Pop Musik DVD-Audio16I –Sleeparchive Elephant Island Noch Nah(r) 4:11 DVD-Audio17A –Luciano & Quenum Orange Mistake DVD-Audio17B –Canson Rarefied DVD-Audio17C –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio17D –Peter F. Spiess Comet DVD-Audio17E –Plastikman Hypokondriak DVD-Audio17F –Richie Hawtin Pop Musik DVD-Audio17G –Someone Else (2) Bedroom Eyes DVD-Audio17H –Stewart Walker Ghost Stations Weiter Noch 5:44 DVD-Audio18A –Alex Under Tercer Collage DVD-Audio18B –Department Of Dance I Love Sähkö DVD-Audio18C –Jeff Samuel Lomp DVD-Audio18D –Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage DVD-Audio18E –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio18F –Pan Sonic Murto Neste DVD-Audio18G –Peter F. Spiess Comet DVD-Audio18H –Richie Hawtin SevenFourSix DVD-Audio18I –Stewart Walker Ghost Stations Where Is Mayday? 4:00 DVD-Audio19A –Alex Under Tercer Collage DVD-Audio19B –Matt John Birdy Bunsspecht DVD-Audio19C –Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage DVD-Audio19D –Pan Sonic Murto Neste DVD-Audio19E –Pantytec Micromission The Hole 2:11 DVD-Audio20A –Cabanne Foodalg DVD-Audio20B –Marc Houle Hello 2 DVD-Audio20C –Pan Sonic Johdin DVD-Audio20D –Pan Sonic Murto Neste DVD-Audio20E –Plastikman Lodge Ekkos DVD-Audio20F –Plastikman Circles DVD-Audio20G –Secondo Caramel DVD-Audio20H –Sleeparchive Track 2 DVD-Audio20I –Speedy J Symmetry (D)ecaying Beauty 4:39 DVD-Audio21A –Carl Craig Twilight DVD-Audio21B –Dwarf Percussion Electrique DVD-Audio21C –Marc Houle Hello 2 DVD-Audio21D –Mono Junk Input 1 DVD-Audio21E –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio21F –Pantytec Elastobabe (Soul Capsule's Warrior Mix) DVD-Audio21G –Ricardo Villalobos A2 DVD-Audio21H –Secondo Caramel DVD-Audio21I –Theorem Nebulus Noch Ein Mal 2:13 DVD-Audio22A –Compass Messinger DVD-Audio22B –Mono Junk Input 195 DVD-Audio22C –Ø Twin Bleebs DVD-Audio22D –Ricardo Villalobos Hireklon DVD-Audio22E –Ricardo Villalobos A2 DVD-Audio22F –Sleeparchive ACD-Slow Do You Know Dimbi? 2:37 DVD-Audio23A –Cabanne Foodalg DVD-Audio23B –Dimbiman Do The Dimbi DVD-Audio23C –DJ Minx Undaground Boogie DVD-Audio23D –Slam This World (Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Dub) DVD-Audio23E –Stewart Walker & Gregory Shiff Do You Know Me? DVD-Audio23F –Theorem Nebulus Power Nine/Six 4:45 DVD-Audio24A –Cabanne Foodalg DVD-Audio24B –Dimbiman Do The Dimbi DVD-Audio24C –DJ Minx Undaground Boogie DVD-Audio24D –DJ Slip Everytime It Takes A While DVD-Audio24E –K. Alexi Shelby* Vertigo DVD-Audio24F –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio24G –Roman Flügel Pattern 14 DVD-Audio24H –Slam This World (Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Dub) R2 2:45 DVD-Audio25A –DBX Losing Control DVD-Audio25B –DBX Untitled DVD-Audio25C –DJ Slip Everytime It Takes A While DVD-Audio25D –K. Alexi Shelby* My Medusa DVD-Audio25E –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio25F –Ricardo Villalobos A6 DVD-Audio25G –Villalobos* Bach To Back DVD-Audio25H –Roman Flügel Pattern 14 DVD-Audio25I –Slam This World (Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Dub) DVD-Audio25J –Stewart Walker Sunclipse Regaining Control 3:49 DVD-Audio26A –DBX Losing Control DVD-Audio26B –Maurizio M7/B (Unreleased Mix) DVD-Audio26C –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) DVD-Audio26D –Ø Kuvio DVD-Audio26E –Ricardo Villalobos Ahorn DVD-Audio26F –Speedy J Minimal Ich Weiss Nicht 4:37 DVD-Audio27A –Jeff Samuel Lost DVD-Audio27B –Maurizio M7/B (Unreleased Mix) DVD-Audio27C –Plastikman I Don't Know DVD-Audio27D –Villalobos* Bach To Back DVD-Audio27E –Ricardo Villalobos Ahorn Transitions 1:12 DVD-Audio28A –Plastikman I No DVD-Audio28B –Underground Resistance Transition (A Capella) - Time Warp | Condensed 30:34 DVD-Video1A –Ryan Crosson Painters Day DVD-Video1B –Thomas Barnett Do Bionics Crystallize DVD-Video1C –The Plan 4 Bit Logic DVD-Video1D –Underground Resistance Transition (A Capella) DVD-Video1E –Zwosh 001 DVD-Video1F –Lemon8 Model 8 DVD-Video1G –Guido Schneider Bassism DVD-Video1H –Guido Schneider Removed DVD-Video1I –Ø Atomitv DVD-Video1J –DBX Losing Control DVD-Video1K –Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage - DVD-Video2 –Richie Hawtin The Tunnel 3:41 DVD-Video3 –Richie Hawtin We(All)Search 3:26 DVD-Video4 –Richie Hawtin About DE9 12:29 DVD Menu Music DVD-Menu –From Within Silent Intelligence II - DVD Audio/Video Credits Music DVD-Credits –Ricardo Villalobos Gugga Sempa - Welcomm(In) 3:48 CD-1A –Ø Medusa CD-1B –Plastikman DRP CD-1C –Sleeparchive Track 3 CD-1D –Stefan Goldmann Turret TZ Entry Point 2:46 CD-2A –False Tanning Booths CD-2B –Ø Atomitv CD-2C –Sleeparchive Track 3 CD-2D –Stefan Goldmann Turret CD-2E –Ultrakurt Camadada Adding And 1:07 CD-3A –Canson Rarefied CD-3B –Ø Atomitv CD-3C –Ricardo Villalobos A5 CD-3D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 CD-3E –Ultrakurt Camadada Subtracting 2:00 CD-4A –Concept 1 96 - 03:06 CD-4B –Marc Houle Blister CD-4C –Ø Atomitv CD-4D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 CD-4E –Ricardo Villalobos A5 CD-4F –Philus Ionit CD-4G –Ultrakurt Camadada Prebuild 1:45 CD-5A –Concept 1 96 - 03:06 CD-5B –Vegetable Orchestra Ciboulette (Luciano Remix) CD-5C –Philus Ionit CD-5D –Stewart Walker Lakewalking Seiltänzer 3:00 CD-6A –Baby Ford & Eon Dead Eye CD-6B –Ricardo Villalobos Ventolat #02 CD-6C –Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme Change Is Natural CD-6D –Stephan Laubner Portside Waves CD-6E –Stewart Walker Drive CD-6F –Stewart Walker Lakewalking Visioning 6:52 CD-7A –Compass Messinger CD-7B –Marc Houle Blister CD-7C –Matt John Stracciafella Logic CD-7D –Ø Medusa CD-7E –Pan Sonic Liuos CD-7F –Ricardo Villalobos Ventolat #02 CD-7G –Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme Change Is Natural CD-7I –Roman Flügel Pattern 14 CD-7J –Stewart Walker Lakewalking We(All)Search 2:45 CD-8A –Akiko* Like Ancient CD-8B –Carl Craig Experimento CD-8C –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) CD-8D –Ø Medusa CD-8E –Plastikman Koule CD-8F –Roman Flügel Pattern 14 CD-8G –Sleeparchive Research CD-8H –Sleeparchive Track 2 CD-8I –Someone Else + Miskate Butterplug Jupiter Lander 0:30 CD-9A –Akiko* Like Ancient CD-9B –Carl Craig Experimento CD-9C –Ø Erit-Samat CD-9D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 CD-9E –Sleeparchive Track 2 Reduction And 3:00 CD-10A –Akiko* Like Ancient CD-10B –K. Alexi Shelby* My Medusa CD-10C –Marc Houle Rancor Keeper CD-10D –Ø Medusa CD-10E –Villalobos* Y.G.H. CD-10F –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 CD-10G –Ricardo Villalobos A4 Seduction 1:22 CD-11A –Akiko* Like Ancient CD-11B –Concept 1 96 - 02:04 CD-11C –DBX Baby Judy CD-11D –Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01 CD-11E –Ricardo Villalobos A4 Minimal Master 4:00 CD-12A –Akiko* Like Ancient CD-12B –Concept 1 96 - 02:04 CD-12C –Ricardo Villalobos A4 CD-12D –Robert Hood Home CD-12E –The Kooky Scientist Organ Donor All 4 Du*** 3:00 CD-13A –Akiko* Like Ancient CD-13B –Concept 1 96 - 02:04 CD-13C –K. Alexi Shelby* All For Lee-Sah CD-13D –I.A. Bericochea* Uno CD-13E –Niederflur Sprinkler CD-13F –Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider Styleways CD-13G –The Kooky Scientist Organ Donor Tonarzt 5:01 CD-14A –Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber CD-14B –Jay Haze Groove (Losoul Remix) CD-14C –Mono Junk Input 2 CD-14D –I.A. Bericochea* Uno CD-14E –Niederflur Sprinkler CD-14F –Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider Styleways The Tunnel 8:26 CD-15A –Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber CD-15B –F.U.S.E. FU CD-15C –Galoppierende Zuversicht Linguini Al Denta CD-15D –Ø Rontgen CD-15E –Richie Hawtin SixFourSeven CD-15F –Richie Hawtin The Floyds CD-15G –Sleeparchive Elephant Island Minimission 5:14 CD-16A –Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber CD-16B –False River Camping CD-16C –Galoppierende Zuversicht Linguini Al Denta CD-16D –Heartthrob Golum CD-16E –Plastikman Hypokondriak CD-16F –Ricardo Villalobos A5 CD-16G –Richie Hawtin Atmosphere 4 (Post WMC Conversation) CD-16H –Richie Hawtin Pop Musik CD-16I –Sleeparchive Elephant Island Noch Nah(r) 4:11 CD-17A –Luciano & Quenum Orange Mistake CD-17B –Canson Rarefied CD-17C –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) CD-17D –Peter F. Spiess Comet CD-17E –Plastikman Hypokondriak CD-17F –Richie Hawtin Pop Musik CD-17G –Someone Else (2) Bedroom Eyes CD-17H –Stewart Walker Ghost Stations Weiter Noch 5:44 CD-18A –Alex Under Tercer Collage CD-18B –Department Of Dance I Love Säkhö CD-18C –Jeff Samuel Lomp CD-18D –Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage CD-18E –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) CD-18F –Pan Sonic Murto Neste CD-18G –Peter F. Spiess Comet CD-18H –Richie Hawtin SevenFourSix CD-18I –Stewart Walker Ghost Stations Where Is Mayday? 4:00 CD-19A –Alex Under Tercer Collage CD-19B –Matt John Birdy Bunsspecht CD-19C –Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage CD-19D –Pan Sonic Murto Neste CD-19E –Pantytec Micromission The Hole 2:11 CD-20A –Cabanne Foodalg CD-20B –Marc Houle Hello 2 CD-20C –Pan Sonic Johdin CD-20D –Pan Sonic Murto Neste CD-20E –Plastikman Lodge Ekkos CD-20F –Plastikman Circles CD-20G –Secondo Caramel CD-20H –Sleeparchive Track 2 CD-20I –Speedy J Symmetry (D)ecaying Beauty 4:39 CD-21A –Carl Craig Twilight CD-21B –Dwarf Percussion Electrique CD-21C –Marc Houle Hello 2 CD-21D –Mono Junk Input 1 CD-21E –NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit) CD-21F –Pantytec Elastobabe (Soul Capsule's Warrior Mix) CD-21G –Ricardo Villalobos A2 CD-21H –Secondo Caramel CD-21I –Theorem Nebulus

Title: Blues Alley by Count Basie (2001-05-20)

Author Name: Count Basie

Categories: CD JAZZ,

Publisher: Lrc: 2005

ISBN Number: B01K8M5M4I

Binding: Audio CD

Book Condition: Used - VeryGood

Seller ID: 199397